Monday, August 28, 2006

1 Down, A Little Over Half of 1 To Go.

I finished my first challenge sock while I was in Oregon. The reverse engineered heel-flap fits wonderfully!
Seattle & Oregon Trip August 2006 188
This is the Hedera sock from (see link in the sidebar). It was written cuff down, but I'm a toe-up convert. So my challenge was to convert the pattern from cuff-down to toe-up and maintain the heel flap. I'd only ever done short row heels on my toe-up socks, but prefer the fit of a heel flap, so to figure out how to do this is insanely gratifying. I started the second one on the plane ride home and I'm just now getting to the gusset increases.
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Country Garden

I've also started another pair of socks - Anastasia by Mintyfresh. I'm doing them in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the colorway Country Garden. The challenge? Knit a pair of socks for a size 11 foot on US size 1 needles in time for Christmas. Heh. The pattern is written for an 8 1/2" circumference foot, but is easily modified for a wider foot by simply adding a stitch or two between YO's. Also, the YO's give a certain amount of stretch to the sock, and negative ease helps bring out the pattern more.

The yarn is a treat to work with. I love the way the handpainted yarn changes colors so quickly. No patterning to it, just an ebb and flow of color. It's gorgeous. This pattern is also toe-up. I have split the yarn in half (using a kitchen scale and ballwinder) and will be able to continue up the cuff until I run out. This method is also advantageous for knitting socks for larger feet so as to ensure enough for the pair. No one wants to get halfway down the foot of the second sock only to run out of yarn. And with handpainted yarn, really, no two are alike so you're better off using only the one hank.

Great work. I, too, love the CTH yarn. I have a couple of skeins in my stash that are calling to me. Enjoyed following the link to the pattern. Her pictures of the Pomatomus socks intrigue me. Maybe I'll do them next.
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