Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Socks from the February Meeting

Okay. It is obvious that we do knit socks; we just don't post them on this blog. I don't have the details of these; perhaps the knitters will post those after they see the pics.

These are Jeannie Hanover's first socks.

These are being knit by Renate's guest Burgl.

My foot and Burgl's. We wear our work proudly.

Renate's handiwork.

Piper's cuff.

Harriet's first toe up sock. Don't we wish we could see pictures of the other 250 pairs she has knitted?

Two socks on two circs by Jane Godshall.

Jane's feet.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Just Checking In

So Turtlegirl76 doesn't feel so lonely, I thought I'd throw up a picture of Steve's new socks. He wanted them to pool in the spiral shape, so I didn't worry about it. They are Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in colorway Mineshaft. I knitted on size 0 needles. Just a simple K2, P2 cuff which he likes, and everything else pretty standard. I slowed the toe decreases to every 3 rounds and bound off more stitches than usual--20 vs. 8--to make the toe broad. I think that fits him better.

I've done two more pairs that I can't post yet. I submitted one pattern to and will submit the other somewhere. I mean they can only say No, right? At least if they hate them, I'll never really know. They'll send a generic thank you but we have so many etc. Still it's exciting and a real challenge for me. And that's what this site is for.

So what have you done lately? I'm not the only one anxious to know.

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