Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Socks from the February Meeting

Okay. It is obvious that we do knit socks; we just don't post them on this blog. I don't have the details of these; perhaps the knitters will post those after they see the pics.

These are Jeannie Hanover's first socks.

These are being knit by Renate's guest Burgl.

My foot and Burgl's. We wear our work proudly.

Renate's handiwork.

Piper's cuff.

Harriet's first toe up sock. Don't we wish we could see pictures of the other 250 pairs she has knitted?

Two socks on two circs by Jane Godshall.

Jane's feet.

Look at all the socks I missed! And I could have shown off my Whiskers and Paw Prints socks! Ah well. I need to take some time to blog this weekend on the guild site, here and elsewhere anyway. I'm surprised that Harriet hadn't done toe-up yet! I thought she'd conquered all styles!
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