Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Challenge for the Sock-along

I am knitting socks using one of Candace Eisner Strick's Austrian Traveling stitches patterns. The work isn't terribly hard, but it is slow going. I'm counting on this public declaration to get me through the second sock. I'm using Louet's Gem Merino in a solid red. i chose a solid so the stitch pattern will show to its maximum.

The challenge:
Use a tubular cast on
Complete the Austrian Travel st down the front and back of the sock
Use the non stop heel which I discovered on line and in an old mag. You increase for the gusset and then turn the heel.
Use two circular needles.

I have already abandoned the circular needles. Two hard on my hands. I've now got the socks on four dpns and have the sts set to divide the pattern by needle. Makes some of it mindless. I'll post pictures soon.

Jane Prater

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