Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Knitty Sock Patterns!

No excuses now! There's a pattern for those of you hesitant to do the whole "knitting in the round" thing. It's Soxs on 2 Sticks!

Double-Knit - Cuff Down Red Herring
Cuff-Down with Mini-Cable goodness! Cable Net
Toe-Up with a Heel Flap! Diamante

So, what are you waiting for? God knows more than just 3 of us knit socks. Speak up!

Well, they are just doggone gorgeous. I have a pair made of this same yarn. Someday we'll be geeky and wear them together to a guild meeting. Super job!
Well , I don't know how to post. However, I have met half of my challenge.. I have finished one sock, Bunny hop socks, a pattern for Bunny Hop yarn from Crystal Palace. It's not perfect but it fits... Now the rest of the challenge... make the other one.
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